12 December, 2006

I thought about doing something like this a few weeks ago but thought it was too early. Now my friend Joe has done one, I’m gonna copy him!

Did you do something you would never do?

Yes! I walked up to countless strangers and started talking to them. I would never have done that last year. Confidence, baby!

Did you keep any New Year’s Resolutions?

Naaa I don’t do new year’s resolutions

Did anyone close to you give birth?

Yes! My sister, Julia, to Little Lincoln :o)

Did anyone close to you die?

No, thankfully.

Did you visit any countries?

Yes! I went to Hungary to see our client Josey at Stag Republic.

What would you like to have in 2007 that you lacked in 2006?

More money (obviously)

Will any date from 2006 stay etched in your memory forever?

Little Lincoln being born 24th August

What was your biggest achievment of 2006?

Making so many great new friends!

What was your biggest failure?

Either I forget about my failures and move on or I’ve not had any….

Did you suffer illness or injury?


What was the best thing you bought in ’06?

Not really bought, but my new pad!

Did your behaviour change over the year?

Ohhh yes. If it hadn’t I wouldn’t have made so many friends and met so many new and nice people.

Where did you spend most of your money?


Are you happier than this time last year?


What song will remind you of 2006?

Hmm… no idea!

What do you wish you would have done more of?


What do you wish you would have done less of?


What did/will you do for Christmas ’06?

Get drunk and then chill out with my Mother!

Did you fall in love in 2006?


Did you get your heart broken in 2006?

I don’t have a heart, mwahahahahaha! No.

Favorite TV program of ’06?

Pffft TV is so last year

Do you hate anyone now that you didnt hate this time last year?

Naaaa don’t hate people

What was the best book you read and/or movie you saw?

THE AMBER SPYGLASS! By Philip Pullman (thanks Dave!)

What was your greatest discovery?

Keeping with the cidarrrrr theme – Magners!

What did you do on your birthday and how old were you?

I was twenty-one! I went out in Lichfield with all my chums and had a jolly good laugh!


Who was the best new person you met in 06?

Joe (stud!), Jenny, Gibbon, Hannah… and all my other new friends in Lichfield and Kate and Grace in Newquay.

Who did you wish you did not meet?

No one!

Who was your best friend?

Oooh…. I think it has to be Mr Joe

Who was your enemy?

That guy who tried to drink-drive at Jenny’s party before I took his number plate and threatened to call the police…. should have seen the look in his blurry eyes!

Who do you miss?


Who will you never forget?

Everyone… soppy, I know.

Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2006:

What have you got to loose?!

What will you always remember about 2006?

Newquay, crawling down the street with Hannuman, drinking Taboo with Gibbon, the LOVE SHACK!!!!!!

Aspirations for 2007…

What do you want to do in ’07 that you couldn’t in ’06?

Making muchos dollar.

Any resolutions?

I don’t do resolutions…

Whats different about 2007 than 2006?

No idea yet!

Anything you want to change about yourself for 2007?

Even more confident :o)

Do you want to make more friends in 2007?

Ohhhh yes!

What a great year.


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