Monkey Raffle!

9 April, 2007


Well, okay – the Amazon.

Larger than western Europe, the Amazon is the Earth’s biggest rainforest, producing 20 per cent of the world’s river water, regulating global weather patterns, and home to the richest abundance of plant and animal life on the planet.

But it is under siege.

Roads, logging, soy farming, cattle, mines, and oil and gas pipelines are destroying the rainforest at an alarming rate. In 2004 alone, 2.6 million hectares of Amazonian rainforest were lost – an area the size of Belgium.

WWF are working to protect this important habitat by setting up new protected areas and reducing the impact of large-scale development. By buying a raffle ticket you will be helping to fund key conservation projects.

The tickets are just £1 each and could bag you £3,000!

To purchase a ticket simply send the following details to me:
– Title & Full Name
– Full Address incl. Postcode
– Telephone number
– If you are happy to receive communciations from WWF

For payment you can either give me the cash when you see me, pass it through someone else, or send it via PayPal.


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