Teaching Your Toddler About Colour

22 September, 2015


Dad Without A Map

‘Red car, red car” Little B shouts excitedly as we set off to the park.

“Yes, clever boy, that IS a red car!”

I feel a glowing pride at our boy’s developing understanding of the world. How does he know it’s red? A-maazing.

“Red car, red CARRRRRRR!” he screeches again.

Oh dear. That is not a red car. That is a blue car. (As the narrator of Peppa Pig might say.)

I begin to wonder if he’s learnt a new phrase and is simply shouting it out at random…


“No, that’s a pigeon.”

OK. We clearly have some way to go.

So how do children learn what colour is? And how can us parents help them discover this whole new way of categorising the world?

Colour featured image

I find the underlying concept incredible and baffling. I mean, we never stop to think about it, but what is a colour?

I don’t…

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